Heidi Unkefer

Slime Mountain

Slime Mountain


Detail shot

Selected as part of a collaboration between Columbia College Chicago and the Wabash Arts Corridor I was commissioned to design and paint a 40’x50’ mural in Chicago’s South Loop. After submitting an initial design I was selected as one of five finalists to create a more refined version of the original design.


Initial sketch

After I was selected as the artist to complete the final piece I began weeks of planning and renting the large equipment I would need to complete the mural. The next steps involved planning colors and assessing how many supplies I’d need within a given budget.


Color blocking

Then came sketching out the initial design onto the wall using a mixture of a grid method as well as a projector. After the rough illustration had been transferred to the wall, I hired an assistant to help block in colors one color at a time in the pretty brutal August Chicago heat.


Final Product

The final mural ended up taking roughly nine days and is still available to be seen as part of Chicago’s Wabash Arts Corridor in the South Loop.