Heidi Unkefer

Late Night With Seth Meyers

Late Night With Seth Meyers

Working in late night television has taught me the importance of patience and speed. During my time at Late Night With Seth Meyers I’ve created hundreds of graphics for hundreds of shows and come to appreciate the effort and sometimes challenging group effort that comes with making a show every night


Feature 1

One of my main tasks when prepping the show for rehearsal is completing over the shoulder graphics for the monologue, ‘A Closer Look’ and whatever other comedy segments are scheduled for that day.

run 00 FF Clinton Obama Prom.jpg

creating new compositions

Often given mock ups with an outlandish premise I often worked with photo researchers to find the correct elements to piece together a coherent graphic.

T mono 03B Don Eric w Bunny.jpg

Adding to existing images

Other times I was given the task to mock up a graphic based on an existing image which at times could be more challenging than entirely rebuilding a scene

Old Video Games

A segment meant to imitate old 8-bit video games I designed and illustrated backgrounds and occasional sprite design while Manny Morales created the animations and a majority of the character designs. This comedy segment was a great learning point for animation for myself as well as a way to flex my illustration interests.

From the segment Old Video Games on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Background design and illustration by me, animation by Manny Morales

From the comedy segment Old Video Games from Late Night with Seth Meyers. Background and character design by me, animation by Manny Morales